Gospel Tracts


Many people go to the gym and lift weights to get in shape. However, in this life there is another kind of weights we lift that harm us and we cannot let go of them.

When we break God’s commandments by lying, coveting, or watching pornography, we our lifting weights of guilt in our conscience.

The bad news is that one day we will stand before God, our Creator, and He will judge us according to His law, which we already know because it’s written on our conscience. If our conscience is being weighed down by sin, that means we are guilty before God and we will not be able to enter heaven, but the weights of sin will pull us down to an eternal place called hell.

But God knew our situation and sent his son, Jesus Christ. He died in our place, took our weights of sin and guilt on the cross, and rose again on the third day obtaining the power to set us free from the sin that weighs us down.

Today, if you repent from your sin, ask God to forgive you, and put all of your trust in Jesus, He will set you free from this tremendous weight of sin and you will be able to live in freedom now and for eternity.

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