Gospel Tracts


Have you ever arrived at the airport and had to pay for excess baggage because you packed too much stuff?  And during your trip you are carrying around a ton of things that you don’t need.

Our life is like that, too. During our journey through life, we stuff many good and bad things in our luggage. Many times we put in things that we would like to take out, but we can’t. You’ve been unfaithful to your spouse and you carry the guilt with you. You have stolen something and it weighs down your conscience. Someone has hurt you and you can’t forgive them. We travel through life carrying around all of this weight.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if someone would come and remove all your excess baggage and empty your suitcase of all of your guilt? Jesus Christ came to do exactly that when he died on the cross. He wants to remove all of the sin from your life and take away your burden of guilt.

Come to Jesus today. Ask him to clean out your life, and follow him. That is the only way to arrive at the eternal destination of heaven.

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