Gospel Tracts


Today many people post information about their private lives on social media. What would happen if the most intimate details about your life were published? (Evil thoughts, envy, hatred, lust, lies) Would you be ashamed? Most likely, yes. We wouldn’t want all of the bad things we do posted for all to see because people wouldn’t “Like” us so much.

God sees all of the evil that has been published in our lives, and that will lead us to an eternity away from his perfect heaven, in a place of punishment called hell.

But God knew we would need help, and that’s why he sent Jesus Christ. Through his death and resurrection, he obtained the power to erase all of the “posts” of sin that we are ashamed of, and to delete every sinful file.

If you want Jesus to do that for you, confess your sin, and surrender your life to him. Ask him to forgive you and change you. Jesus wants to erase all of your sin and give you eternal life. Guilt and shame will be a thing of the past!

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