Gospel Tracts


There are traffic signs that show us where we shouldn’t go because it would cause us harm. God also has given us signs to show us what we shouldn’t do because it would harm us.

All of his laws have been given to protect us.  For example:

“Do not kill” not only protects us from physical harm, but also from the harm of criticism, gossip, hatred, and bitterness. “Do not covet” keeps us from greed, which leads us to steal and harm others. “Do not commit adultery” or any kind of sex outside of marriage, guards our hearts from emotional damage, our bodies from sexually transmitted diseases, and our families from unfaithfulness and broken relationships.

In the same way that the police fines us for disobeying the traffic laws, we will receive fines for each time we disobey the laws of God, for each slanderous word, for each covetous thought, for each act of immorality. It will take all of eternity in a fiery prison to pay for the towering stack of fines we have built up throughout our lives.

If only there were someone who could pay our fines! The good news is that there is! Jesus Christ was innocent in everything, yet he paid for all of our fines when he died on the cross, and his resurrection proves that the debt has been paid.

Today is the day to stop living in rebellion to God’s signs, change direction, and follow Jesus. He will forgive you and lead you to an eternity in his presence.

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