Gospel Tracts


A man was robbed of a valuable saxophone, and he decided to try to recover it. He found it for sale in a store and, even though it belonged to him, he was willing to buy it back.

This is my story and it could be yours, too.

God created us and placed us on this earth, but we chose to walk away from him by disobeying him, and we no longer belong to him. Now we following the devil’s ways by stealing, lying, killing, and breaking God’s commandments. In the end, we will have to spend eternity without God, in a place without peace, without life, and with continual suffering.

But just like this man bought back his saxophone, God wants to redeem us. Jesus Christ died on a cross, paying for your sins and mine, naked and mistreated, he was willing to pay the price to have you with him again. Three days later he rose again obtaining the power to redeem you.

For that to happen, call on Jesus for forgiveness, and give him your whole life, repenting of how you’ve been living, and begin to follow him.

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