Gospel Tracts


One of the most puzzling objects in the universe is a woman’s purse. You never know what you will find inside. Keys, makeup, two-month old sales receipts, medications, food, … everything fits inside.

The truth is that something similar happens in our lives. It is as if we stuffed everything we do inside the purse of our lives: good things and bad things. Every lustful thought, every word of criticism against someone, every time we lie. Everything is kept inside our purse.

When we die and stand before God, we will have to show him “the purse” of our life. We will be judged for every thought, word, and deed. A filthy purse will condemn us to an eternity in hell.

The best news in the world is that God wants to give you a new “purse” that is completely clean inside. Jesus Christ received the punishment for our sins. He calls us to repent and surrender our lives completely to him.

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