Gospel Tracts


In 1987 a young man was going to make his first jump with a parachute. He hired a parachute expert to film the event on video. Both of them made the jump. The novice landed without any problems. But the expert, thinking that the camera battery pack strapped to his back was his parachute, died three minutes after making that mistake.

While he fell to his death, what would he have thought about? Would he have been thinking clearly enough to get right with God?

You know, you are also headed straight toward a certain destination. Ten out of ten humans die. It is inevitable. Do you live your own way, in deceitfulness, lust, and pride, without thinking about one day having to give an account to God?

There is only one way to know you will get to heaven. Jesus Christ died to pay for your sin and offer you forgiveness.

The Bible tells us to “put on Christ”. Just like the skydiver put on his parachute to be saved from a tragic death, Jesus is the only one who can save you from an eternal death on your judgment day. Turn from your sin and turn your life over to him today.

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