Gospel Tracts


A mask is a piece of material that we use to hid our face. It’s something very common during Mardi Gras or Halloween. We cover our faces and no one knows who is behind the mask.

In reality, every day we put on masks. We smile at people and say we are doing fine even when it’s a lie. We hide what is going on inside. What the mask hides has many names: pride, deceit, criticism, impure thoughts… We don’t want anyone to know what is in our heart because we know it’s wrong.

We can probably deceive the people around us. But before God we cannot wear a mask. After we die, we will stand alone before God and he will uncover all of the things we are hiding, and we cannot enter his holy house full of sin.

The best news in the world is that Jesus Christ can take away all of our sin and bring us to heaven with him if we repent and give our lives to him. Then we can live a life without masks and without hiding because of what Jesus did for us on the cross.

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