Gospel Tracts


You are traveling and you get the feeling that you are lost. What do you do? You take out a map to get oriented.

Many people have the feeling that they are lost in life; they have a life without purpose or direction; they feel empty. They try to fill their lives with different things like money, sports, TV, education, sex, good works, religion, etc.

The feeling of being lost comes from being separated from our Creator because of our rebellion. We have chosen our own road instead of following God’s road. We choose to break his commandments by having sex outside of marriage, stealing, and dishonoring our parents.

The road of sin will one day lead us to hell. God does not want us to go there, and for that reason made a new way for us. Jesus Christ said, “I am the way, no one comes to the Father but through me.” Jesus made this way by dying for you on the cross and rising again.

Talk to Jesus today. Tell him you want to turn from your road of sin and follow him. He will lead you to eternal life.


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