Gospel Tracts


If you compare one sheep with another sheep, it appears white, but if you compare it with pure white snow, the sheep looks dirty and stained.

We do something similar. We say, “I know I am going to heaven because I am much better than the people around me. My wool is white.”

But when we compare ourselves to the ten commandments, we see how we’ve lied, stolen, committed adultery, and used God’s name as a swear word. The reality is that we are dirty and full of stains. How is your wool?

If we are dirty, we can not enter a perfect heaven. Jesus Christ, the perfect lamb of God, was completely pure and clean. Yet he died in our place to take away our filth.

If we repent of our sin and surrender our lives to Jesus, he will cleanse of from our sin so that we can one day present ourselves completely clean and pure before God and enter heaven. Call on Jesus today to wash away your sin, and start to follow him.

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