Gospel Tracts


Driving up to a youth camp in Las Palmas, my friend, Ángelo, was at the wheel. Suddenly, a jeep veered into our lane and headed straight toward us! The driver had fallen asleep. “Look out!” I yelled. There was nothing we could do. There was no time. We had a head-on collision. Thank God we survived.

I learned two very important lessons that day:

One - Always wear a seat belt.

Two - Your life can end at any moment.

Was I prepared to stand before God? Are you? One day we will all be judged by a just God. Will you be innocent or guilty on that day? If you have broken his law by lying, stealing, coveting, etc., you will be guilty, and the guilty are destined to go to an eternal fire.

But, I have good news! Jesus Christ offered himself to pay for your guilt on the cross. He wants to forgive you and give you eternal life in his presence. He asks you to leave your life of sin and follow him unconditionally. God wants to be first in your life. Get right with him today.

You never know when you will have a head-on collision with death!

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