Gospel Tracts


Everyone wants a perfect body. There was a doctor who tried to create a perfect body using body parts from different cadavers. The result of his experiment was a monster instead of a perfect person.

Dr. Frankenstein broke the laws of science, and the consequence was a monster that ended up killing him.

Just like Dr. Frankenstein, we want a perfect life, but we break the laws of God (the Ten Commandments.) We create a monster inside of us when we lie, steal, harbor bitterness, commit impure acts, and blaspheme God’s name. This monster of sin kills us spiritually and condemns us to hell.

The best news is that God sent the perfect one, Jesus Christ, to have victory over the monster of sin when he died on the cross and rose again.

If we repent and surrender our lives to Jesus, he will remove the monster of sin inside of us and make us perfect in God’s eyes, so that we can enter his perfect heaven.

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