Gospel Tracts


This is a common toast used to praise someone and say he’s a great guy; he’s a good person. But my question for you is:

Are you a good person? If you died today, would you have the assurance that you would go directly to heaven? Are you good enough to reach God’s standards? His law says, “do not lie.” Have you every told a lie? It also says, “do not steal.” Have you ever taken something that didn’t belong to you? “Do not commit adultery.” Have you ever looked at anyone with lust? “Do not use God’s name in vain.” Have you blasphemed God’s name?

If you have, then you are not “a jolly good fellow” and you will not spend eternity in God’s house, but in a place of eternal punishment. But there is good news! Jesus Christ was “a jolly good fellow”, a perfect man, who gave himself to be killed on a cross to take away your sins and exchange your sinful condition for his perfect condition.

Today he offers you forgiveness, but you must confess that you are not a good person, turn your back on your sin, and trust completely in his goodness. Run to Jesus, give him your life, and he will change you on the inside.

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