Gospel Tracts


I like to donate blood. Giving half a liter of my blood allows me to help save the life of someone who needs a blood transfusion because of an accident or an operation. If I needed a blood transfusion, I would be really grateful to those who had donated their blood to save my life.

The truth is that we all need a transfusion because our heart is contaminated by evil: hatred, pride, sexual immorality, unforgiveness… But the only person who can help us is someone whose heart is not contaminated by these things. 2,000 years ago, Jesus Christ lived a perfect life, and shed his blood on the cross to offer us a spiritual transfusion.

But to receive it, you must recognize that you are contaminated by sin and that you need a change on the inside. Turn your back on sin, and turn to Jesus, and ask him to cleanse you and fill your life. Repent and accept the spiritual transfusion that Jesus offers you, and you will live.

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