Gospel Tracts


One day in a restaurant, we saw a couple that was brimming with happiness. When we asked them why, they told us, “You don’t know how it feels when your horse wins the race! There is nothing that can make you happier!” My friend said, “I know something better. Knowing that your sins are forgiven and that you will go to heaven after you die!” When they heard that, all of their joy evaporated.

You can have a champion racehorse, but if you don’t know if your sins have been forgiven and that you will go to heaven, what difference does it make? Knowing where you will spend eternity is much more important.

Where will you spend eternity? Jesus told a young man that he needed to obey the ten commandments, but who can keep them perfectly? Do not lie, do not steal, no sex outside of marriage, not even looking at a person with lust. The truth is no one can.

The bad news is that the payment for sin is hell. But God, in his mercy, has provided a solution! Jesus Christ received the punishment for our sins when he died on the cross. Jesus offers you forgiveness and eternal life if you repent and give him the control of your life.

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