Gospel Tracts


There are 27 million slaves in the world today, more than any other time in history, but they are not slaves because of the color of their skin, rather they are slaves being exploited sexually.

And yet these women and children aren’t the only slaves, the men who consume prostitution and pornography are also slaves because they have given themselves over to lust and are under its control.

We are also slaves to hatred and bitterness when we do not want to forgive those who have hurt us; we are slaves to envy and jealousy when we are never satisfied and always want more.

The problem is not only living this life enslaved to sin, but one day your chains will pull you down to an eternal prison in hell.

Who can break your chains of sin? Jesus Christ paid a high price for your freedom when he died on the cross, paying for your sin.

Jesus offers you an exchange: give him your chains of sin; stop serving sin and start serving him, and he will give you freedom. Come to Jesus today to be free!

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