Gospel Tracts


A man had a gun in his house and told his son to never touch it, but the boy disobeyed his father, took the gun and started playing with it. Unfortunately, the gun discharged and a bullet was lodged in his head.

They rushed him to the hospital, and wheeled him into the operating room, but they could not extract the bullet. There was only one specialist who could treat such a complex case, and he just happened to be in the city that day. Because of his skill, he saved the boy’s life.

We are like that child. We play with things that could harm us, participating in deception, theft, immorality, and we end up mortally wounded. One day we will give an account of our lives before God, and our sentence will be an eternal death for our sin, in a place of anguish and desperation.

But just like that doctor saved the life of that boy, there is a great physician that saved us when he died on the cross, receiving all of our bullets of sin, and his name is Jesus Christ. He rose again, overcame death, and now can give us eternal life.

Repent, ask him for forgiveness today, and give your life completely to Jesus.

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