Gospel Tracts


Imagine a book in which it is written EVERYTHING you have done, EVERYTHING you have said, and EVERYTHING you have thought. You steal a piece of candy, and it is noted in the book. You call your son an “idiot”; your words are heard and written down. You look at a man or woman, and have fantasies about them, and it is written in the book.

Imagine that this book is open for everyone to see. Everyone will see your secrets and your dirty laundry.

Well, you don’t need to imagine it, because there is such a book. The Bible tells us that after we die, we will stand before our Creator and will be judged according to what is written in the book. EVERYTHING we have done - good or bad - will be available for all to see. How embarrassing!

Now, imagine that there is someone who can erase all of the bad things you have done so you can enter heaven on that day.

You don’t need to imagine that either. Jesus Christ came and died to erase all of your offenses. He said if you turn your back on your sin, and give your life to him, he will forgive you and erase all of the charges against you. Call on him for forgiveness. Leave your sin behind and follow him with all your heart.

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