Gospel Tracts


One day I asked a friend if he thought he would go to heaven when he died. He said he thought he would because he was a good person. He had never killed anyone. He hadn’t robbed a bank.

He told me that he imagined an angel holding a balance and every time he did something good, it tipped the balance toward the good side. But every time he did something bad, weight was added to the other side of the balance. He hoped that his good works would weigh more than his bad works on the day of his judgment.

The problem with this concept is that it doesn’t work. Our good works will NEVER outweigh our bad works. Imagine that a woman has been faithful to her husband for ten years. But one night she is unfaithful. One night of unfaithfulness destroys ten years of faithfulness. So, your bad works will always weigh more than your good ones.

The only way to eliminate the bad works from your balance is to repent, abandon your sin, and surrender your life to Jesus Christ, the one who paid the price for your bad works. Then he will empty the scale of your sin and give you entrance into heaven.

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